Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mixed Media Challenge - Buttons

This weeks challenge at Mixed Media Monday is to use buttons in your work. Well......I use buttons in almost every collage I make, so this was not a big challenge for me!  My good friend, Judy, said her favorite color was red, and I looked around at my collages and realized I had NO red! Warm colors are not what I gravitate to....but I do love orange. So I created a 5X5 with a bit of red. Here it is. Click on the image to enlarge.

I used 4 different kinds of hand made papers for the background. The pretty paper under the words JOY, is a bleeding tissue paper I just made. It has bits of pink, yellow, peach and white. Very pretty up close. Then I stamped a flourish with Titan Buff paint. I stamped the delphinium in black ink on a piece of pattern paper. I love that look! I used 2 Prima flowers with a button center and 2 other buttons in the left top corner. I stamped the letters for Joy on an ivory paper, edged them with sepia ink and glued them to the canvas.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mixed Media Monday Challenge

This weeks challenge at Mixed Media Monday, is to create your piece with something you have been wanting to try or use.  I have been wanting to incorporate beeswax into my art. I saw a video this morning that made the technique a lot easier. So I gave it a whirl, here is my piece:  Click on the picture to enlarge.

I started with a 5X5 canvas that is one and a half inches deep. I painted it with Titan Buff.  I cut a piece of 4X4 paper and glued a handmade paper that had leaves embedded in it. I used a foam leaf stamp and used white acrylic paint on it. With sepia ink, I stamped a few flourishes.  I glued it to the canvas using gel medium. I stamped the face in black in on muslin, brushed with sepia ink to make it look old and cut it out with pinking shears. I glued some batting to the back to give it a "puffed" look and glued it to the paper. I glued some pieces of white mulberry paper with holes and made the flower out of 2 different punches.  I stamped the word journey on some mulberry paper and glued to the paper.  I put several pieces of beeswax on the top and ironed them over the word. I added a few more to get a nice coat.  I embellished with one button, 2 snaps and 2 brads.  The beeswax is difficult to see on the photo, but it is really a nice look.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mixed Media Monday Challenge - Warm it Up!

This week the challenge at Mixed Media Monday is to use warm colors in your art. I realized I don't use alot of warm colors, gravitating more towards the cool colors. So it was fun to use all these vibrant, happy colors.
Here is my mixed media collage - click on the picture to enlarge it.
I started with a 4X4 inch piece of white bazilli paper and glued on many different handmade papers. I added a ripped scrap from a spanish novel and stamped a french post card in sepia ink. I stamped the woman in black on a translucent white piece of unryu paper with gold and silver specs. Tore the piece to make uneven edges and glued to the paper. I used gel medium to adhere the 4X4 to the 5X5 canvas that is 1 & half  inches thick, which I had painted in Titan Buff. I added the lace, snaps, hooks, flowers, beads, heart. I used gold fabric paint to adorn the hair and the sun. I glued scraps to each side of the canvas and added snaps on top and bottom.

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