Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Patterns as Inspiration

Patterns in nature and just about everywhere, are good starting off points for a piece of art. They could become the subtle mark making in the background, or the piece itself.
Here are 3 pics that have very interesting patterns. Please send me any pics you have of fun patterns you have found along the way of life.

Have a great art filled day!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekly Inspiration for your art! FUN

My last encaustic workshop teacher, Lorraine Glessner, introduced me to found drawings and sunday church drawings. Check out the link to Lorraine's great blog for drawings and very cool art. The idea is to find inspiration out in nature, from a gum wrapper on the ground, from some cool designs made in dried mud, you get the idea. Whatever they are called, I have decided to start taking photos, a few times a week and/or collecting things that I see lying around that might inspire one to go out and create something that you saw in the photo. It could be a color combination, a line, a rusty license plate and encourages to use more metal in your work,  Who knows? That is the fun of it. If nothing else, they might just be cool photos.
I am posting 3 photos I took in Crested Butte Colorado this weekend. More to come. Please leave some comments and/or attach your art so I know if this is catching on with people or not.

Thank you. This is all about FUN, no contests, no awards, no critics.

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