Sunday, June 27, 2010

Silhouette Series

I bought these great stamps from Starving Art Stamps at the W. Springfield convention this June. She said that was the last set available, their rights ran out on them and that was all they had left. So of course, that made them even more special. I thought they would be great background and accent stamps - subdued or bold. Anyway.....I made one card and really liked it....the rest is history.  The backgrounds are all handpainted by me and I have added vintage linens, lace, buttons, some old, snaps etc. One stamp I stamped on a piece of clothing pattern paper(#8) - that was fun.  Here they are: I would love feedback on them - let me know your favorites # 1-9.


  1. I like the backgrounds to your silhouette cards and thanks for visiting my blog today

  2. Fantastic cards!! Love them :) Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment :) And yes, I combine collageing, acrylic paint, oilpastels, stamping and just about anything I like to make my bacground papers and collages :) I'm happy you like it!!

    Thanks and smiles,

  3. Belle série de cartes ! Beaucoup de créativité ! Bravo!
    Merci pour votre passage sur mon blog ! Amicalement Mary.KG

  4. 1, 6 and 8 are my faves. Wonderful designs on all Sharon!

  5. Hi this is art!
    and I love number 2.
    It looks like a dream: you see color - you couldn't say what it is but you know what it is -in this dream.
    But then(or than?)-like a flash you see some absolut clear (the flower)

    thanks for inspiration

    Monika ( but I have to comment under theprofile from wordpress ;)


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