Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Hearts Canvas

I made this 8X8 canvas for my friends birthday. She has a funky clock with the same color scheme, and wanted to hang it with that.
The base is a sheet of 90 lb watercolor paper. I added many different handmade papers and torn pages from books. I used white paint on a foam stamp, a heart stamp on paper, fabric, felt, button, beeswax over the music stanza. I glued it to a large piece of felt and then onto the canvas which was painted in Titan Buff. The sides were adorned with light molding paste applied through a stencil.  Here is a side view of that. It is a fabulous look :)  Thank you for your comments, always welcomed!


  1. This is gorgeous - beautiful layering, beautiful colors. Love the treatment on the side, too!

  2. Love your canvas and, yes, the stencil on the outside is wonderful! Your art is evolving Sharon! xxoo


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