Monday, March 28, 2011

Encaustic Workshop

I took a 2 day encaustic painting workshop in town this weekend. I had a blast! I have been playing with beeswax and wondering if I wanted to go the full encaustic route and invest in all the supplies. I am seriously mulling about it. Here are 2 works I made this weekend. The first one is 8X10 and the second is 8X8. The layering and nuances you can get with this meduim, not to mention the luminosity, is wonderful.

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  1. Fabulous Sharon! Glad you took the encaustic. I, too, stopped at the thought of adding more expense and equipment, here, with the encaustics. I love the beeswax but feel the encaustic wax is a bit more "archival".

    I really love what you did! The more we learn, the more we evolve and you are certainly evolving with your art! Proud of you! xxoo


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