Monday, March 22, 2010

Deli Paper Fun

Here is an envelope I made using the deli paper technique by Marilyn Rock, that I referenced in the last blog. SO MUCH FUN!  Please check it out. I sewed the sides like she did in her video. Here are 2 other sheets I made, which I then cut up and made 2 cards.
I stamped with gesso and sepia ink and also placed newspaper print and sheet music on wet paint, and then ripped it off, so that some of it would stay.

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  1. WOWSA! Sharon! I love what you did with the deli paper; just fabulous colors and patterns in it. I also love the torn papers, in there, with the transfer; they are whispy and a beautiful inclucsion! Thanks for the mention, too, but you really took off with this!

    Your sewn pouch is awesome! Love the buttons on each side of the flap, too!

    So happy you enjoyed the deli paper and I hope to have more techniques, with it, soon. I can see another video in the horizon :)

    Thanks so much for sharing! xxoo Marilyn


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