Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Theme Thursday Challenge - Favorite Letter!

For the Theme Thursday Challenge I decided to use "R", just because I wanted to use the Ravens. I also think I may give this to my friend, Rochelle, for her birthday!  I used a piece of a deli paper that I painted as a background. It has a flourish and hands stamped on it and some gesso and parts of a piece of newspaper.  The raven stamps are from the terrific party raven set from Lost Coast Designs. The are stamped on glossy stock and colored with ink. I sewed on the piece of handmade paper on the right. I have a flourish punch which I used to punch out 2 images from a page of a book.  The tag is tea-stained and stamped. Faux rhinestone and scrabble piece added. Enjoy!


  1. Wow this is stunning.
    Fantastic work.

  2. Beautifull collage, very funny birds with the birthday heads!

  3. Love those Lost Coast stamps! This is a cute and quirky piece, Sharon.

  4. Lovely, lovely card. In fact, all your cards are meticulously crafted. Great work!

  5. Oh I've fallen in love. with those ravens great partygoers
    I love your card


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